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What Separates Easy Parent from Other Parental Control Apps?

In a world of interconnectedness, keeping our children safe and happy is a more difficult job than ever before. Now it is critical that we as parents rely on the tools we have available to remove some of the burden, including through our mobile devices. This is just one of the many reasons that we developed and launched our parental control app for Android

But, many parents already know the difficulties that come with keeping track of our kids and what they see and interact with, so it was important to us to do more than create just another parental control app for Android. We wanted to bring innovation right to your fingertips, and this is how we did. 

5 Features You Can Find on Easy Parent

Goal Setting Feature

The goal-setting feature of our Android parental control app helps promote education and learning through using the app. You can set weekly goals and reward good behaviour with additional screen time for your child’s favourite apps.

Reminders/ Checklists

Keeping your kid focused on what’s next can be a big hurdle, but not so much with our reminders and checklists. These can be programmed for a time of your choosing and help establish good habits, like teeth brushing before bedtime or getting back to studying after a break.

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App Live View

With our parental control app, you can also get a live view of the apps your child is currently using. This helps you see what kind of content they engage with and help you set responsible boundaries that protect your child. 

Category Grouping

Our app lets you group apps into similar categories, like games, education or social media. Then, you can set permissions for the entire group rather than individual settings for each app. 

In-app Texting

We also provide in-app messaging and texting specific to you and your child. This includes preventing communication from other parties and is a convenient way to keep a constant line of communication open.

Try Our Parental Control App for Android Today

With this list of great features, we’re sure you’ll want to take advantage of the app’s robust features. Look for it on the Google Play Store today!

Easy Parent is the best parental control app, providing parents with full control of their child’s online time. Available exclusively on Android, Easy Parent provides families with controlled screen time for their children without direct supervision. Our parental control app is easy to use and creates a calm way for parents to see what their child does online. Download this valuable parental control app on Android and experience a safe world for your children!

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