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What is the Best Parental Control App for Android?

Caring for children in the 21st Century is tough. There’s so much to keep track of, including their hobbies, education, health and social life. Not to mention keeping them safe from the many dangers they face online and offline. Parental control apps for Android can’t replace a parent’s care, but they can certainly help lighten the load. 


We’ve seen an explosion in the number of parental control apps available on the Android Play Store. Many of them seem to overpromise and underdeliver, meaning that parents are spending more time finding problems than fixing them. As a result, it is important to ask, “what is the best parental control app for Android?”


How to Find the Best Parental Control App


Of course, the best parental control app for Android is Easy Parent. But this doesn’t come from the point of ego. Rather, it is informed by the feature-rich and easy-to-use interface that the app offers. What features make it the best?


Live App View

Easy Parent makes it easy to see what your child is consuming. With live app view, parents can see what their kids are watching in real-time, making it easy to ensure their content is suitable. 

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App Grouping

App grouping allows parents to sort like apps into specific categories and impose reasonable restrictions. For example, blocking social media apps during certain times of the day, like while doing homework or throughout school hours. Games and content apps can have similar restrictions. 


Organizational Tools

The Easy Parent parental control app for Android comes equipped with a full suite of organizational tools to make parenting easier. These include checklists, reminders, in-app messaging tools, GPS trackers, goal setting features and much more. These help parents schedule their kid’s activities.


Get Easy Parent Today!


With this list of features and a low monthly price, it is easy to see why Easy Parent tops the list. Try our parental control app for Android today and relieve yourself of some of the stress of modern parenting.


Easy Parent is the best parental control app, providing parents with full control of their child’s online time. Available exclusively on Android, Easy Parent provides families with controlled screen time for their children without direct supervision. Our parental control app is easy to use and creates a calm way for parents to see what their child does online. Download this valuable parental control app on Android and experience a safe world for your children!

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