What Do Parental Control Apps Do?

Although you may have heard about parental control apps for Android or iOS, you may not have actually heard about what these services do. This can make deciding whether or not they are right for your family difficult, which is why we’ve put together this list of features that you can expect to find in most of these apps.

Common Features of Parental Control Apps for Android

GPS Locator

Most parental control apps for Android will come with a GPS locator, which is exactly what it sounds like. This function allows parents to find out where their children’s devices are, so long as they have the correct permissions.

App Restrictions

Most parental control apps for Android will also allow you to restrict the apps available to the device’s primary user. People use this to reduce the amount of bad media or media consumption their children engage with. 

Scheduling Functionality

You can also expect most apps to have some scheduling functionality for your child, allowing you to help them organize their schedules, and sync up with yours as well. This can be helpful for planning after-school activities, social visits and more.


Easy Parent’s Unique Features


Easy Parent lets you set reminders for upcoming events, chore lists and other important events. These keep you and your child alert and ready for whatever comes next.

In-app Texting

Communicating with your child has never been easier than with the secure and effortless in-app text messaging feature included with Easy Parent.

Goal Setting

Goal setting lets you and your child track their progress towards a set goal, like reading or studying a certain amount of time each day.

Much More

Easy Parent has loads of other helpful and informative features designed to help you and children thrive in our busy, interconnected world. Experience them for yourself today!

Easy Parent is the best parental control app, providing parents with full control of their child’s online time. Available exclusively on Android, Easy Parent provides families with controlled screen time for their children without direct supervision. Our parental control app is easy to use and creates a calm way for parents to see what their child does online. Download this valuable parental control app on Android and experience a safe world for your children!

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