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How to Put Parental Control on YouTube

Your child’s screen time is an important consideration. After all, you can’t watch them every moment of the day, but you do want to make sure they aren’t being exposed to mature themes. And, these days, one of the main areas for people to find content is YouTube.


This video-streaming platform is considered one of the first of its kind and now accounts for up to 15% of all Internet activity. In the world. That means that there has to be a lot of diverse content for your child to potentially watch. So, how can you regulate the content they see and ensure that it is appropriate for their age? 


How to Control Children’s Content on YouTube


While parental control apps are part of the answer, YouTube itself may also be able to help. YouTube Kids is a modified version of YouTube that delivers content based on an automated system. This system tailors the videos shown by three age groups: Preschool (Ages 4 & under), Younger (Ages 5-7) and Older (8-12). Alternatively, it allows parents to pre-approve their own content and remove the search feature. 


As with most Google products, the app comes with a robust set of instructions available online. For true customization of your child’s YouTube experience, there is no better alternative currently available. However, ensuring that your kids are not exposed to inappropriate content requires more than YouTube restrictions. 


The Role of Parental Control Apps in Your Child’s Safety


Our mobile devices are much more than video streaming screens. Though this is certainly part of the time we spend on our phones, there are also mobile games, chat rooms, social media apps and a slew of other products and services vying for you and your child’s attention. 

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With parental control apps, you can monitor your child’s usage and block certain apps from being downloaded. With Easy Parent, in particular, you can set goals and reminders while also creating checklists to help manage your child’s time better. These apps are helping parents keep track of their children not in the physical space but the much wider and larger virtual one. 


Parenting is a unique and special experience for every family, but many hands can lighten the burden. Try our parental control app and learn how to make your life a little easier and your child’s a little safer.


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