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How Our Parental Control App Works

Being a parent in our modern age is tough. There are more distractions and dangers for our children than ever before, and protecting them can be a full-time job in and of itself. Luckily we have societal and familial supports at our disposal to make the process a little easier.

One of those supports is our parental control app. Easy Parent is making things simpler for you through enhanced functionality and great features. Learn more about how our app helps below!

The Best Features of Our Parental Control App

GPS Device Locator

Easy Parent uses a GPS device locator to ensure you can check your child’s location at any time. This function is great for independent children who are engaged with after-school activities and community events. Having the peace of mind this features grants is great for parents too!

Scheduled Usage Settings

Too much screen time can lead to developmental and social stunting, among other things. With scheduled usage, however, reigning in your kid’s screen time is a breeze. Simply set the times they can access certain apps and for how long, and watch as your child’s habits change for the better.

Just one more game…

Notifications & Reminders

Keeping track of our own responsibilities is hard enough without having to worry if our kids have brushed their teeth or made the bed. With Easy Parent’s notifications and reminders, it is easy to give gentle nudges about performing their tasks on time. 

Block Individual Apps

Not everything about technology is bad. Educational apps can be powerful learning tools, but it is important to keep them as the focus. By blocking individual apps, you can keep your child from wasting time on video games or other distractions.

Get Started with Easy Parent Now!

Easy Parent is the best parental control app, providing parents with full control of their child’s online time. Available exclusively on Android, Easy Parent provides families with controlled screen time for their children without direct supervision. Our parental control app is easy to use and creates a calm way for parents to see what their child does online. Download this valuable parental control app on Android and experience a safe world for your children!

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