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How Does Our Parental Control App Work?

Easy Parent is a powerful and convenient parental control app for Android. It provides a whole list of helpful features designed to help parents and children work together for their mutual benefit. It is easy to use and available now. But, how does it work?


Four Steps to Your Parental Control App


1. Download the app 


The first step is downloading our parental control app. It is available exclusively on the Google Play Store, so just search it there, and both applications will pop up (parents and kids). Choose the one you want to download, and you’re ready to go!


2. Register your information


Next, register your information with the app. This includes setting up a username and password. Confirm your registration with our convenient verification text, and repeat the process on your child’s device.

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3. Connect your devices


The third step in the process is connecting your devices to ensure they can communicate with one another. The parental control app has convenient prompts throughout the process so that you know what to do and when. Don’t forget that you can link multiple devices to the same account to create a safe environment for all your children. 


4. Personalize the app 


The final step in the process is personalizing the app. If you want to set reminders, create checklists, approve or deny certain apps, or group certain types of apps together, now is the time. Easy Parent is easy to use, though, so you can always come back and make adjustments that fit the needs of you and your family. 


Try Easy Parent Today for a Better Parental Control App


Our parental control app is available now in the Google Play Store for download. Try it out for you and your family today and see how it can help bring your family closer together. 


Easy Parent is the best parental control app, providing parents with full control of their child’s online time. Available exclusively on Android, Easy Parent provides families with controlled screen time for their children without direct supervision. Our parental control app is easy to use and creates a calm way for parents to see what their child does online. Download this valuable parental control app on Android and experience a safe world for your children!

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