Gain Full Control of Your
Child’s Screen Use

Parenting has never been this simple. With Easy Parent, not only can you control your child’s screen time, but you also have access to a range of unique features that can protect their interactions and reward them for excellent behaviour. Effortless to implement and maintain, Easy Parent helps you educate your child on proper screen time and usage.



Feel guilty handing your child a device to keep them occupied while you're busy completing a task, or do you just need a break?

Use your new auto feature with the Easy Parent app and know that your child will have a healthy timed mixture of games and educational apps of your choice.


Problems with your children and teens, who are glued to social media, Youtube, and games?

A solution to minimize unproductive screen time is for you and your child to agree on a reward in exchange for a timed educational goal for them to complete. Easy Parent will count those precious, healthy minutes for you and send a notification when the goal has been achieved, permitting the child to reap their reward.

You'll find them asking to complete more healthy goals, while shortening any unproductive screen time. You both win!


Ever wonder what app your child is on when they are in their room, on the couch or even in school?

Open your Easy Parent app, have a look in an instant and see what app your child is using in real-time!


Ask your child how much time they think they spend on an app in a day, and then let them know the real amount from the usage feature and watch the shock and awe on their faces!

With the app usage feature available on Easy Parent, you can make educated decisions in building proper schedules for healthy screen time.


Have you ever wanted certain apps turned off when your child or teen is in class?

Or have you wanted to set a specific time for all apps to shut off to ensure your child gets a good night's sleep?

Have you felt the need to set a time limit per day on social media or games to a reasonable time?

All of this can be monitored and adjusted when you schedule time frames and daily time limits with Easy Parent. Setting these limits will manage their screen time, so you don't have to!!


After setting schedules and time frames, you'll find your child or teen checking how much time they have left on their Easy Parent child app in their app categories and managing their time so they don’t burn it all up in one sitting.

Time management is an extremely valuable life skill that can be instilled with our Easy Parent app!


Are you getting tired of repeating yourself to your children with the same basic requests like" Time to brush your teeth", or "did you feed the dogs?"

Easy Parent can help! You can set a daily customized reminders that will prompt a notification to emerge on your child's or teenager's devices every day at the time you selected.

Further, you can also remind your child which new school bus number to take home during their first week back at school until they get the hang of it!


Create a chores checklist or send your child a list of things to pack for the family vacation. When the child checks off the list as it being completed the parent receives a notification. You also have the ability to uncheck the item if it was not complete!


Worried when you child's device is fully blocked and they still need to contact you?

Easy Parent has its own text feature built in so you can still contact each other. You'll always be able to communicate with your child, and they'll always have easy access to contact you.


With GPS tracking, you can keep track of your child’s location. Monitor where they are and what they’re doing as soon as they connect to the Internet via a 4G network or Wi-Fi hotspot. You can view their location on a standard map view or the hybrid street view.

Parenting Has Never
Been Easier


Unlike other parental control apps on the market, Easy Parent allows for unlimited device connections with a single account, allowing parents to keep tabs on all their children with ease.


Easy Parent is revolutionizing parenting. Not only can you keep track of your child’s device in real-time, but the app also generates daily and weekly reports on app usage and overall screen time.

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