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Creating a Solution for Every Family

The idea of Easy Parent sprouted in 2017, when our children were 8 and 10 years old. Although our family spent most of our free time outdoors, tablets were used daily when at home. The kids, like most, wanted their tablets constantly and would get upset when it was time to put them away. If you’re a parent who’s introduced your children to tablets and similar tech, we can guarantee you’ve been there, too! It was all too easy to give the kids their devices while travelling, or when there was business to take care of and you needed them quiet and content, or during daily routines such as cooking and taking care of chores, or when, like any parent, we just needed a break. After adding it all up, the total screen time was shocking.

An App Was Born

Again, as parents in the digital age, most of us have done this at one time or another, finding a ready solution by just giving them the tablet to settle them down. While it’s important for our kids to learn and use technology, we felt that they needed to get more out of it by learning some new skills or honing existing ones rather than watching other people play video games on YouTube for hours on end. Our gears began turning on designing a way to have our kids benefit from their daily screen time and eventually, they became the main subjects of the app experiments and still are today. They have been using test versions from ages 8 to 16 now, and seeing the results throughout the years as they grow and use the app has been an astounding experience.

Developing Features That Work IRL

What is now the Auto feature was a big part of this success early on, we downloaded some math apps on my son’s device and put them in the educational folder, then set it for 1-hour education to be completed before the apps in the fun folder were unblocked for 30 minutes of playtime before the cycle started again.

He was upset about his games being blocked at first so he put the tablet down and went outside on the trampoline instead. My wife and I looked at each other and decided that was a success, too! When he got back inside he jumped back on the tablet and started working on the math apps. Eventually, he talked to us and said that he did his math for “like, an hour”, so he should be able to play his games- but they are still not unblocked. After looking at the time he only completed 56 min of math so he still had to complete another 4 min before it would unlock his games. After supper we walked by and noticed him playing some of his games- so he did end up finishing his education first! Major success!

Easy Parent has aided in time management as well, our kids now look on their apps to make sure they leave a little bit of time at the end of the day to message and snap their friends or watch some YouTube before bed (now that they are older). The app has made them aware of the importance of managing screen time to where they figured they should put it on my device to limit Dad’s screen time before bed! Oh yes, I received a lecture from my oldest and he was smiling ear to ear! (Because the truth is, he wasn’t wrong.)

A Hard Earned Success

It’s been a long journey to get the app to where it is now. We have to give a big shout out to our faithful team (the family) that has stuck it out through the highs and lows, and also to our new developer who reworked and supercharged the latest version of the app, giving it new features and enhanced reliability for every user. It’s pumped full of tools like goal setting for rewards to motivate your kids to complete educational apps of your choice. Other exciting features include schedules, time limits, real-time app view, GPS tracking, in-app texting, daily reminders, checklists, and in-app usage. We sincerely hope that you’ll give our app an honest try there are endless ways to use it, and we look forward to hearing your success stories! Our goal is to make parenting easier and we hope this app helps your family like it has ours!

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