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Best parental control app


Best Parental Control App
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Best parental control app

The Parental Control App
You’ve Been Waiting For

Easy Parent is a simple-to-use parental control app that provides parents with full control over their child’s screen time and online activity. Our Android app offers unique features, including scheduling screen time, blocking specific apps, and setting weekly goals and rewards. Promoting healthy habits and a safe online environment is simple with Easy Parent.


Gain Full Control of
Your Child’s Screen Use

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Keep track of your child’s location with GPS tracking. You can monitor where they are and what they’re doing as soon as they connect to the Internet via a 4G network or Wi-Fi hotspot.

Parental control app android - block-individual-apps


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat - not all apps are made for children. Block permissions for individual apps on your child's device through the app on your own phone.

Parental control App - set-scheduled-usage


You can control your child’s screen time and usage on specific apps by setting scheduled times and daily limits on their device. You’ll teach them adequate device usage and proper online behavior.

Parental control app android-goals-rewards


Rewarding positive behavior reinforces and encourages children to repeat the same actions. Set weekly goals or prerequisite times for specific apps! After 2 hours on educational apps, they get 30 minutes of YouTube!

Parental control App - notifications-reminders


You can establish healthy habits by notifying your child with daily reminders. You can set multiple recurring notifications such as 8:30 am - brush your teeth or 9:00 pm - get ready for bed.

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Easy Parent makes it easy to promote learning. Set devices so children have access to engaging and creative educational apps only. It’s like having a classroom right on their phone!

Best parental control app - tasklists


From “clean your room” to “wash the dishes,” you can set up task lists for your child. As they complete tasks, they’ll gain access to unrestricted app folders. It’s an excellent way to reward hard work.

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It’s comforting knowing that you have direct contact with your child at any time. Unlimited messaging between devices means you'll be able to reach out to them no matter what.

Encourage Productive
Screen Time With
Goals & Tasks

The First Parental Control App Of Its Kind


Unlike other parental control apps on the market, Easy Parent offers each parent device unlimited connections to children's devices, allowing you to keep tabs on all your children with ease.


Easy Parent is revolutionizing parenting. Not only can you keep track of your child’s device in real-time, but the app also generates daily and weekly reports on app usage and overall screen time.

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Download the Easy Parent app today! Available on the Google Play Store for all Android devices, downloading Easy Parent is quick and easy. Keep in mind there are different versions of the app for parents and children — be sure to download the correct one on each device.
Parental control App
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Once you download the parent app on your phone, you’ll need to register your account and fill out the applicable information. You can begin to set app preferences at this point, and you’ll also be asked for payment information. An Easy Parent subscription is only $7.99 a month!
Parental control App
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Connecting devices is easy! After registering your account, you can link your child’s device to yours, allowing you to track their usage in real-time. With an Easy Parent subscription, there’s no limit to the number of child's devices you can link per parental device. Start experiencing instant peace of mind.

Easy Parent is a parental control app made for parents looking to establish and promote healthy online habits while keeping their children protected from threats. From curbing habits of screen-addicted teens to teaching young children about the importance of respectful technology use, Easy Parent can assist all family dynamics with its variety of features. You can schedule usage times, block specific apps, and set goals and rewards to encourage healthy screen time.

Parental control apps can be difficult to use. We’ve made it simple. To use Easy Parent, you’re required to download the app on both your and your child’s devices. Be sure to download the Easy Parent (Parent) version on your phone and the Child version on theirs. Once you fill in the registration details, you can create profiles and link the devices together. Enable Easy Parent settings on your child’s phone or tablet, and gain complete control. It’s that easy!

The leading parental control apps for Android should help you set reasonable and appropriate limits for your kids. Easy Parent goes above and beyond and includes GPS tracking, time and usage limits, app blockers, and goal setting features. It’s also extremely flexible. As teens’ needs are different from young children, our app can be customized to accommodate different situations and is perfect for establishing positive technology use for children of all ages.

The Parental Control App
You’ve Been Waiting For

Protecting your child shouldn’t be expensive. With Easy Parent, it will never be. Unlike other parental control apps for Android, we provide our interactive and easy-to-use app for a simple monthly fee and no download costs. We believe that promoting healthy habits, respecting technology, and reducing screen time shouldn’t cost you a fortune. For just $7.99 a month, you get complete access to all the features on our parental control app and an unlimited number of children device connections. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your child’s technology is under control and in a safe pair of hands – yours! 

Help Your Kids Build a Healthy
Relationship With Technology

Research has shown that too much screen time for children and teens can result in a drop-off in educational activities, reduced social skills, increased chances of obesity, and concentration problems. They can also be exposed to objectionable websites featuring graphic violence and sexual content, which can alter attitudes and relationships. Setting boundaries and establishing screen time rules are of critical importance. By implementing parental monitoring, including restricting screen time and content, and actively teaching and discussing the responsibility of technology use, children and teens can experience higher grades, more engaged school performance, better sleep, and improved social behaviour.

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